Caregiver safety is becoming more of a concern in assisted living facilities and across the healthcare spectrum.

Caregiving for the elderly is a fulfilling career. Many enter into this job field because of their passion for caring for and keeping safe the aging population.

Caregiver Safety Concerns

This job is not without challenges, however. When the safest and most effective mobility and transportation methods aren’t being used in caregiving for seniors, the risks for the patient and the caregivers greatly increase. One of the more common risk factors to caregivers is the possibility of an injury during transitioning patients from one area to another.

According to a white paper recently published by Integrogroup:

Acute care nurses and other healthcare staff are at high risk of injuries, particularly musculoskeletal disorders, due to the intense physical demands of manually lifting and moving patients.

via Effective Patient Mobilization Programs: Improving Caregiver and Patient Safety
in an Increasingly Challenging Healthcare Environment
, June 15, 2017

Studies have shown that up to 52% of caregivers will suffer from an injury at work, and a great number of those injured will have hurt themselves while transporting a patient from one spot to another.

This is too many preventable injuries! Read More Assisted Living Furniture Can Improve Caregiver Safety

Assisted living

The Royal EZ system is a revolutionary tool that converts any conventional chair into an assisted living chair, enabling a caregiver to gently move a seated person to and from the dining table easily and safely.

The Royal EZ mounts casters onto a suspended leverage bar, which is fastened to the chair’s front legs. The casters are fastened to the chair’s rear legs.

Once the foot pedal is depressed, the suspended casters contact the floor, lifting the front legs of the chair ever so slightly. The chair can now be moved forwards or backwards with minimal effort. When the foot pedal is released, the casters lose contact with the floor, and the chair is once again firmly positioned.

In addition to being an innovative change from conventional options in assisted living and aging in place applications, here are 4 more reasons why Royal EZ outperforms other seating options. Read More 4 more reasons why Royal EZ outperforms other seating options

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When we designed the Titan Swivel chair, we put the caregivers first. We looked at caregiver needs and placed a higher value on the chair’s function instead of just its form. Anyone can design yet another pretty chair.

What sets the Titan Swivel apart from other assisted living chairs comes down to 3 things: it moves, it swivels, and it locks. Read More Why the Titan Swivel is the ideal assisted living chair?

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All Titan chairs include a luxuriously upholstered seat and back, enhancing the look and feel of today’s senior care homes.

What sets apart the Titan chair from other care home chairs is its ability to provide caregivers with mobility options. Caregivers appreciate the ease with which Titan chair enables them to move a seated person to and from the table.

In fact, the Titan chair was designed to accommodate users in 4 stages of assistance: Read More How Titan chairs assist with the 4 stages of elder care

Assisted living

Assisted living

The Titan Swivel combines elegance, durability, safety, and mobility to bring you a solution that finally makes it possible both for caregivers to easily transport a person and for that person to experience increased independence and self-esteem.

The Titan Swivel is perfect for people using a walker or rollator, extending their independence by allowing them to seat themselves.

With the seat rotated 90° from the table, a person using a walker can come along side the chair, hold onto the arms of the chair to gain stability, and gently lower themselves onto the chair. Once seated, the seat can be rotated back into alignment with the table, at which time a caregiver can move them forward to the table using the Royal EZ component of the chair.

Watch it in action:

Here are 12 specific reasons why the Titan Swivel outshines all other chairs for improving aging in place: Read More Why Titan Swivel outshines all other chairs for improving aging in place

Assisted living

Assisted living

Caregivers appreciate the ease with which the Titan Swivel enables them to seat a walker user and move them to and from the table.

If a walker user doesn’t have enough strength to move themselves to a table using a conventional chair, the Titan Swivel is the answer. The Titan Swivel seat rotates 90º, allowing the user to turn it to face them, sit down, then return it to its original position facing the table.

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Our wheelchair accessible Butterfly Wheelchair Accessible Table series is unlike any conventional institutional table.

The tables are perfect any time you need different tables heights, specifically for individuals in wheelchairs. Whether your guest uses an electric wheelchair, a manual wheel chair, a rollator, a walker, another assistive device, a conventional chair, or one of our Titan chairs, the Butterfly Table can accommodate them.

Watch it in action:

Even though the Butterfly Wheelchair Accessible Table is versatile enough for any applications needing different tables heights, we designed it specifically for individuals in wheelchairs. Our design allows more users to enjoy a meal without any inconvenience to others.

However, it’s not just a wheelchair table. Because the table can adapt specific to each guest, you can seat people with varying needs at the same table. Friends and family can sit at the same table, regardless of their assistive needs.

Here are 7 specific reasons why the Butterfly is the perfect wheelchair accessible table: Read More 7 reasons why the Butterfly Table is the perfect wheelchair accessible table

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For our assisted living, hospitality, and church chairs, we offer an innovative option called cold cured foam for seat cushions.

Cold cured foam contains strategically placed air pockets throughout the cushion to provide outstanding long-term comfort and performance. This type of cushion is typically available on only fixed theatre seats and car seats. Now, we bring them to your guests.

Here are 5 reasons cold cured foam makes our chairs more comfortable: Read More 5 reasons cold cured foam makes our chairs more comfortable

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