4 more reasons why Royal EZ outperforms other seating options

The Royal EZ system is a revolutionary tool that converts any conventional chair into an assisted living chair, enabling a caregiver to gently move a seated person to and from the dining table easily and safely.

The Royal EZ mounts casters onto a suspended leverage bar, which is fastened to the chair’s front legs. The casters are fastened to the chair’s rear legs.

Once the foot pedal is depressed, the suspended casters contact the floor, lifting the front legs of the chair ever so slightly. The chair can now be moved forwards or backwards with minimal effort. When the foot pedal is released, the casters lose contact with the floor, and the chair is once again firmly positioned.

In addition to being an innovative change from conventional options in assisted living and aging in place applications, here are 4 more reasons why Royal EZ outperforms other seating options.

1. Easy to operate

The Royal EZ can easily move 300 lbs with little effort. In fact, it’s so easy, even a child can do it!

2. Reduces injuries

Reduce the risk of injury to staff or caregivers since little effort is required to move a seated person.

3. No floor damage

Since chairs aren’t being dragged, pushed, or shoved, you can eliminate floor and carpet damage.

4. Secure and tough

We’ve designed many measures into the Royal EZ to ensure maximum safety, including safety rear wheels, an anti-slip pedal, and safety cords.

If you’d like to see how Royal EZ can make a difference in your assisted living facility, email us at info@comfortek.com, phone us at 1.888.678.2060, or visit our Royal EZ webpage.