Why the Titan Swivel is the ideal assisted living chair?

When we designed the Titan Swivel chair, we put the caregivers first. We looked at caregiver needs and placed a higher value on the chair’s function instead of just its form. Anyone can design yet another pretty chair.

What sets the Titan Swivel apart from other assisted living chairs comes down to 3 things: it moves, it swivels, and it locks.

1. It moves.

With the Royal EZ attached to it, the Titan Swivel makes it easy for a caregiver to move a seated person to the table.

The Royal EZ system includes casters mounted onto a suspended leverage bar fastened to the chair’s front legs. Once the foot pedal is depressed, the suspended casters on the rear legs contact the floor, lifting the front legs of the chair ever so slightly. The chair can now be moved forwards or backwards with minimal effort.

Watch the video below to see it in action. The Titan Swivel with Royal EZ can move up to 300 lbs, and it’s so easy even a child can use it.

2. It swivels.

The seat of the Titan Swivel, well, swivels.

From its resting central position, the Titan Swivel’s seat can rotate 90° to the left and 90° right. This is perfect for people using a walker or rollator, allowing them to come along either side of the chair — which is rotated toward them — seat themselves, and rotate the chair so it’s facing the table again.

You saw the Royal EZ in action; now watch the swivelling feature:

3. It locks.

The Titan Swivel’s seat locks in 3 positions: the resting centre position facing the table, 90° to the left, and 90° to the right. Because the chair locks, it’s safe for persons to hold onto the arms of the chair while they transfer into the seat. This offers them more stability and independence.

In addition, the Titan Swivel is designed with further comfort and stability:


The seat back of the Titan Swivel includes 1.5 inches of foam cushion, as well as built-in lumbar support. The seat is designed with a waterfall cushion, which is easier to sit on for long periods. We are so confident in the quality of our cushioning, that we back it with a 5 year warranty on standard foam and 15 years on cold cured foam.


Each Titan Swivel is built using StaFast T-nuts to attach the seat and back to the frame. We also use superior plywood on the back (5/8″) and the seat (1/2″). In fact, our frame is so well-built, that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

To try out a Titan Swivel in your home or assisted living centre, phone us at 1.888.678.2060, email us at info@comfortek.com, or visit our Titan Swivel website.