Assisted living


Assisted living

Our Royal EZ transforms chairs in any assisted living facility to enable caregivers to move a seated person up to and away from a table easily and safely.

What is the Royal EZ?

The Royal EZ system includes casters mounted onto a suspended leverage bar. The leverage bar is fastened to the front legs of the chair. Casters are also fastened to the rear legs of the chair (friction fit).

By depressing the foot pedal, the suspended casters come in contact with the floor, thereby lifting the front legs of the chair ever so slightly from the floor. With the foot pedal depressed by the caregiver, the chair can now be moved forwards and backwards. When the foot pedal is released, the front legs of the chair are lowered, the casters are suspended, and the chair is once again firmly positioned on the floor.

Here are 6 reasons you should be using the Royal EZ in your assisted living facility: Read More 6 reasons you should be using the Royal EZ in your assisted living facility

Additional seating

Our wheelchair accessible Butterfly Wheelchair Accessible Table series is unlike any conventional institutional table. Watch it in action:

Even though the Butterfly Wheelchair Accessible Table is versatile enough for any applications needing different tables heights, we designed it specifically for individuals in wheelchairs. Our design allows more users to enjoy a meal without any inconvenience to others.

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Assisted living

At ComforTek Seating, we design and manufacture furniture specifically for the hospitality, convention, worship, healthcare, and assisted living markets. Early in 2014, we began developing our Titan series, a furniture line for healthcare, rehab, therapy, and assisted living, giving specific attention to caregiver needs.  Read More Why we started focusing on caregiver needs, not just user needs

Assisted living


For our assisted living, hospitality, and church chairs, we offer an innovative option called cold cured foam for seat cushions.

Cold cured foam contains strategically placed air pockets throughout the cushion to provide outstanding long-term comfort and performance. This type of cushion is typically available on only fixed theatre seats and car seats. Now, we bring them to your guests.

Here are 5 advantages to using molded cold cured foam cushions: Read More What is cold cured foam, and why do we use it on our chairs?

Assisted living Hospitality Worship

The physical demands on a caregiver increase daily. Whether it’s assisting a person transferring into a bed, lifting them into a tub/shower, or moving them to a table for a meal or family activity, caregivers are constantly challenged to perform these efforts without injuring themselves.

Front line caregivers often provide high levels of care to persons whose weight may be more than twice their own weight. Unless technology is incorporated into the facility, the caregiver can provide care to only the level of their own physical strength and wellbeing. Once they breach that threshold, caregivers risk injury.

Our Titan products reduce caregiver injury, improve caregiver effectiveness, and increase user mobility in 3 specific ways: Read More Why we design aging in place products with the caregiver in mind

Assisted living