Why we design aging in place products with the caregiver in mind

The physical demands on a caregiver increase daily. Whether it’s assisting a person transferring into a bed, lifting them into a tub/shower, or moving them to a table for a meal or family activity, caregivers are constantly challenged to perform these efforts without injuring themselves.

Front line caregivers often provide high levels of care to persons whose weight may be more than twice their own weight. Unless technology is incorporated into the facility, the caregiver can provide care to only the level of their own physical strength and wellbeing. Once they breach that threshold, caregivers risk injury.

Our Titan products reduce caregiver injury, improve caregiver effectiveness, and increase user mobility in 3 specific ways:

  1. Caregivers can move a seated person to and from the table with ease
  2. A person requiring daily use of a walker/rollator can sit at a table
  3. Spouses can enjoy a meal together even if one of them is confined to a wheelchair

Because moving a person in one of our products is so effortless, there’s no need to push, twist, or shove a seated person to the table. By reducing the amount of force required by a caregiver, we reduce their risk of injury. This means your staff stay in top health and your facility experiences fewer disability claims.

For too long, we’ve taken for granted the role caregivers play daily. Now, we don’t have to.