How to move a seated person without throwing out your back

The Titan Royal EZ allows family members, caregivers, and business owners a way to safely and easily move a seated person to and from a table or desk. Using patented Millie-Mova technology, the Royal EZ gently glides on almost any surface, providing jerk-free motion that won’t scratch the floor.

Our standard 22″ Titan Royal EZcChair provides comfortable seating for people of all sizes. In fact, it’s even rated to 800 lbs. We build all Titan chairs to commercial quality standards and fire codes, so not only is it ready to be used in the home, it’s ready for use in offices, restaurants, assisted living centres, and hospitals. Anywhere.

The Royal EZ system includes casters mounted on a suspended leverage bar, which itself is fastened to the chair’s front legs. Casters are also fastened to the rear legs of the chair with a friction fit.

By depressing the foot pedal, the suspended casters come in contact with the floor, lifting the front legs of ever so slightly off the floor. With the foot pedal depressed, the caregiver can now move the chair forwards and backwards. When the foot pedal is released, the front legs of the chair are lowered, the casters are suspended, and the chair is once again firmly positioned on the floor.

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