5 areas that make this church chair our most popular

Our Summit Series SS 7701-20 chair is an armless, 20″ wide church chair that provides seamless, pew-like seating within your sanctuary, giving you a formal look but still offering portability when flexibility is needed.

Here are 5 areas that make this Summit Series chair our most popular church chair:

1. Superior construction

To build our sturdy chair frame, we start with 18 gauge steel (1″ on the legs and 3/4″ on the back) and use mandrel bends to shape it, reducing the number of joints to minimize weak points.

Next, we attach our high quality plywood (5/8″ on the seat and 1/2″ on the back) seat and back to the frame using StaFast T-nuts for impressive holding power.

2. Superior comfort

We use  1 1/2″ of foam and lumbar support on the seat back and our unique waterfall, dual-density cushion for the seat, so your congregants can focus on your sermon instead of their discomfort.

3. Superior storage

Our non-marring glides protect delicate floors such as tile and finished hardwood, making it easier for rearranging and storage. And because they stack 6–8 high, they take up less room in storage.

4. Superior accessories

Not only do our chairs interlock seamlessly to create a pew-like effect, they come with 5 unique options to make worship more meaningful:

  1. Bookracks: Our bookracks come in 5″ and 3″ depths, perfect for holding multiple hymnals.
  2. Communion cup holder: Available on chairs not needing a bookrack.
  3. Kneeler: This cushioned accessory extends up to 13″, providing comfortable space when your worshippers kneel.
  4. Plastic card pockets: Our pockets have compartments for cards and pencils, and one option includes space for 2 communion cups.
  5. Coffee cup holder: The adjustable coffee cup holder can be attached similar to the plastic card pockets.

5. Superior quality

Each of our worship chairs passes CAL 117 and is ANSI/BIFMA approved. CAL 133 certification is also available. Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 15-year warranty on the dual-density foam, a 10-year warranty on the seatback foam, and a 10-year warranty on fabric.

Contact us today to see how the Summit Series can make a difference in your church.