When we designed the Titan Swivel chair, we put the caregivers first. We looked at caregiver needs and placed a higher value on the chair’s function instead of just its form. Anyone can design yet another pretty chair.

What sets the Titan Swivel apart from other assisted living chairs comes down to 3 things: it moves, it swivels, and it locks. Read More Why the Titan Swivel is the ideal assisted living chair?

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For too long, family members with mobility challenges have been left out of family gatherings, relegated to a chair in the corner of the living room while everyone else eats in the dining room. The difficulty of accommodating mobility challenges with conventional furniture meant for many that it was easier for an aging loved one to sit in the favourite chair instead of with their family.

It no longer has to be that way. A simple, innovative solution helps unite families instead of separate them. Read More Titan: bringing families together

Aging in place

We all need sleep, but as we age, how much sleep we need changes.

Young children may need to spend half of the day sleeping, but as we become adults, that drops to a third. And that doesn’t change as we enter old age. Yet, despite needing as much sleep as younger adults, older adults remain more tired. Read More 7 tips to help older adults sleep better

Aging in place

Aging in place

One key component to aging in place successfully is remaining active.

Exercise can be challenging—even with younger people—but incorporating into your daily life, as an older person, is critical for not only extending your remaining years but also being able to enjoy them.

Here are 5 reasons why older adults should exercise: Read More 5 reasons why older adults should exercise

Aging in place

Did you know that Americans spend most of their time indoors? And not just a small majority of their time either; they spend 90% of their time inside.

And that’s the average. The statistic is likely much higher for older adults, who typically are more housebound and who find it more challenging to get out.

Spending nearly all our time can’t be healthy, breathing in recycled air, with all its dust and mould; looking at the same, decades-old environment; navigating around the static, unchallenging setup of our living space. We need physical and visual stimulation to be healthy. We need to breathe. Read More Why older adults should get fresh air every day

Aging in place