Why our table is perfect for wheelchair users

Our wheelchair accessible Titan table series is unlike any conventional institutional table. We designed them for multiple applications needing different tables heights, specifically for individuals in wheelchairs.

Conventional tables inconvenience wheelchair users. They’re often too low, preventing wheelchair users from getting close enough to enjoy their meal properly. Or if they happen to be high enough, they may be too small for large or bulky wheelchairs from getting close.

As a result, many assisted living centres have special tables designated for wheelchair users. While it may appear to be a solution, it separates the user from friends and family who aren’t at the wheelchair table.

The Titan Tables change all that.

With the Titan Tables, all tops are fully adjustable to a maximum height of an additional 10″, which is perfect for accommodating varying wheelchair heights. Plus, one top can adjust outward as much as another 6″, so it even works for big wheelchairs.

They’re great for standard chairs, too, so wheelchair users can sit with their loved ones.

Plus, they’re easy to adjust. Because we use large screw knobs for each section, loosening and tightening isn’t a complicating and frustrating ordeal.

Easy for users, and easy for caregivers.

Contact us today to see which of our 5 Titan tables can best meet your needs.