3 mobility solutions for immediate recovery needs

Patients leaving a care facility or hospital following knee or hip replacement or returning home following a stroke or heart attack need mobility solutions. Modifying a living space, incorporating lifts or ramps, or relocating are long-term decisions that the family likely have yet to consider.

The Titan series offers 3 well-suited chairs that can meet the mobility needs immediately.

00672Titan Swivel

The Titan Swivel includes patients in family table activities. With the elevated seat height of 20″, patients will notice how easy it is to sit and stand using the chair. Because the seat swivels, they can quickly seat themselves. Plus, the seat locks every 90°, giving the chair a feeling of sturdiness and convenience.

00009Titan Castered Chair

The Titan Castered Chair is suited for recovery situations when a patient needs to be moved from room to room. The 4 locking casters assure caregivers that their patient is not in danger of falling or moving around unassisted.

30500Titan Plus+ Castered Chair

The Titan Plus+ Castered Chair have the all the features as the Titan Castered Chair; however, their wider seats (available in 24″ or 30″) and sturdier frames make them ideally suited for bariatric patients.

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