12 must-haves for aging in place

Interior designer Gillian Lazanik of the firm Affecting Spaces recently wrote an article for Houzz, a platform for home remodelling and design. In it, Gillian touches on 12 must-haves for aging in place.

The following 12 essentials of universal design will go a long way in allowing you (or a loved one) to live at home longer than you could typically:

  1. Curbless showers
  2. Bathroom benches
  3. Handheld showers
  4. Grab bars
  5. Railings for steps
  6. Door levers
  7. Lever faucets
  8. Touchless faucets
  9. Pullouts
  10. Smart appliances
  11. Stair lights
  12. Elevators

Check out Gillian’s article to read her detailed thoughts on each tip, how it works and why it makes aging in place easier.

Bonus tip: Aging in place doesn’t have to be just permanent changes to your home. It can also include our innovative furniture that helps you (or an aging loved one) perform everyday tasks most of us take for granted, preserving independence.