Why the wheelchair users in your assisted living facility need the Butterfly Table

You’ve seen us talking about the benefits of the Butterfly Table, one of the innovative assisted living products we offer at ComforTek. Sometimes, however, it helps to have someone in your shoes speak to how it has affected them.

Brenda is an administrator at an assisted living facility. Here is her feedback on the Butterfly Table:

“In our facility, tables are adjusted to accommodate specific chairs. Wheelchair-bound patients are seated separately, as the table is positioned at the appropriate height to accommodate the wheelchair arms. Last week, one of our long-term residents was relocated to the wheelchair table, as her mobility limitations had increased significantly.

Had the Butterfly Table been in our facility, it would have allowed her to stay with her circle of friends, as a single table top leaf could have been simply adjusted higher to accommodate her new set of wheels. How sad! How traumatic!”

See it in action below!


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