Why we started focusing on caregiver needs, not just user needs

At ComforTek Seating, we design and manufacture furniture specifically for the hospitality, convention, worship, healthcare, and assisted living markets. Early in 2014, we began developing our Titan series, a furniture line for healthcare, rehab, therapy, and assisted living, giving specific attention to caregiver needs. 

Persons whose physical abilities have become limited experience an overwhelming sense of being a burden or a nuisance to their children or grandchildren. These once proud individuals can be seen sitting or eating in awkward places for no reason other than they don’t want to inconvenience anyone. “That’s good enough!” “Please, you don’t have to fuss over me” are comments frequently uttered. Asking for assistance then being shuffled around in a chair draws attention in a manner they’d rather avoid.

The caregiver provide assistance.  However, they, too, endure a sense of helplessness, as often little can improve the situation for an aging loved one! Caregivers frequently lack the physical strength required to move a seated person to a place of greater comfort or enjoyment!

Even the most cherished of bonding times—a family meal, an afternoon coffee or working together on a Christmas puzzle—can’t be enjoyed as a family as there’s no easy way to get everyone to the table.

Our Titan products reduce caregiver injury, improve caregiver effectiveness, and increase user mobility in 3 specific ways:

  1. Caregivers can move a seated person to and from the table with ease
  2. A person requiring daily use of a walker/rollator can sit at a table
  3. Spouses can enjoy a meal together even if one of them is confined to a wheelchair

Because moving a person in one of our products is so effortless, there’s no need to push, twist, or shove a seated person to the table. By reducing the amount of force required by a caregiver, we reduce their risk of injury. This means your staff stay in top health and your facility experiences fewer disability claims.