How can a walker user easily sit at a dining table?

Caregivers appreciate the ease with which the Titan Swivel enables them to seat a walker user and move them to and from the table.

If a walker user doesn’t have enough strength to move themselves to a table using a conventional chair, the Titan Swivel is the answer. The Titan Swivel seat rotates 90º, allowing the user to turn it to face them, sit down, then return it to its original position facing the table.

The Titan Swivel comes with the Royal EZ, a lever device attached to the bottom of the chair. A caregiver steps on the rear pedal, raising the front legs of the chair off the floor, allowing them to easily move the seated person to the table.

To exit the table, the caregiver steps down on the lever, raises the front legs of the chair off the floor again, and gently pulls the chair back from the table. The seated person then swivels the seat and exits the chair easily.

Never has one chair empowered mobility challenged users with more independence.