4 out of every 5 older adults believe they will age at home

Did you know that 4 out of every 5 older adults believes they will age at home?

A 2011 survey commissioned by AARP indicates that not only do 80% of seniors think theyll always live in their current home, but also over 90% of the people in the same age bracket want to age in their own homes. Plus, improved building standards over the last 20 years or so mean that many new homes (especially multifamily housing) are already built to accommodate residents as they age.


There is more, however, to aging in place than an elevator in your building and a walk-in shower. One area that is often overlooked is furniture. 

Furniture must accommodate people as they lose mobility and physical capability as they age. As people age, their ability to seat themselves at a table, for example, may become hindered. They may lack the ability to manage the actions themselves, and their caregivers may lack the strength to do it for them using existing, conventional furniture.

Furniture for older adults is no longer just an acute care issue: it has a direct impact on home accommodations. As a result, what we need are flexible solutions that are easy to use, that prolong independence, and that adapt to a seniors needs as they age.

Luckily, ComforTek provides innovative products designed to mitigate injury risk among caregivers and to maintain dignity and independence among older adults. Whether they’re aging in place or staying in an assisted living facility. Plus, they cover the 4 stages of care for your aging loved ones.

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