How the Titan chairs assist with the 4 stages of care

Caregivers appreciate the ease with which Titan chair enables them to move a seated person to and from the table. In fact, the Titan chair was designed to accommodate users in 4 stages of assistance:


1. Minimal

Ideally, residents arrive at a facility mobile and independent. They may have access to a vehicle, go on day trips, take walks, and have the strength and coordination to seat themselves at a table.

The Standard Titan chair is well suited for this application.

2. Casual

An early sign associated with mobility loss is required cane use. While daily caregiver assistance is unnecessary, residents may appreciate some gentle assistance to sit at a table.

The Titan with mobility assist feature is useful here.

3. Routine

When a rollator or walker is required for mobility, it becomes cumbersome to get seated at a table.

The Titan Swivel allows the person to transition easily into a chair, then to be moved forward by a caregiver.

4. Continuous

A person’s physical size may warrant additional care and assistance. By adding a full set of casters to the chair, even a full-sized patient can be easily seated and moved forward by a caregiver.

The Titan with bariatric locking casters can help!