Why the Butterfly Table isn’t your typical wheelchair table

Have you checked out our new Butterfly Tables?

These innovative tables are designed for any situation where you need different table heights. Wheelchair users, for example, can now enjoy a meal without inconveniencing others.

With the Butterfly Tables, all table tops can adjust to a height of 10″ by simply loosening and tightening easy-to-access large screw knobs, and one of the table tops can extend outward an additional 6″.

Because of this, anyone can sit at the table, regardless of whether they’re in a wheelchair, one of our Titan chairs, in a walker, or in one of your facility’s chairs. No more “sitting with the wheelchair people.” Everyone can sit where they want, extending independence and empowering your residents.

We also take safety seriously, which is why we use weight-compensating springs in each section and why each leg has stabilizing coasters.

Finally, each table comes with a 10-year frame warranty and a 5-year component warranty.

Contact us today about how we can make Butterfly Tables work for you.