Older adults are more likely to be obese. Why this affects elder care.

In today’s world, our population is aging and more people want to age in their own homes. One issue that complicates the ideal of aging in place is obesity.

In 2012, American researcher published the results of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, and one key finding was that older adults were more likely to be obese than younger age groups. In fact, they were 22% more likely than 20–40 year olds to be obese.

So, how does this affect elder care?

As those requiring care become heavier, the ability for caregivers to provide care using conventional method becomes more complicated and difficult. For example, pushing a seated person to a table can take more physical strength and effort, increasing injury risk and floor damage.

Luckily, ComforTek provides unconventional and innovative products designed to mitigate injury risk among caregivers and to maintain dignity and independence among older adults. Whether they’re aging in place or staying in an assisted living facility.

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