Living made EZ with ComforTek

Furniture manufactured by ComforTek enhances the ability of a family to enjoy a meal together or for seniors to the enjoy the company of a long time friend! As with most families, this is best done when everyone is seated around a common table!

Not everyone can get to the table. What most of us take for granted is a major obstacle for others. For some, age has diminished their ability to scoot a chair forward; for others, an illness has deprived them of the coordination to perform this task. What is needed is not more effort on behalf of a family member or caregiver but some technology that enables this to occur.

The Royal EZ is a lever that attaches to most dining chairs. A family member simply steps onto the lever, activating the front casters. With the lever depressed, the family member can them easily move a seated person to and from the table. Ideal for the DIYs, as it attaches in less than that 30 minutes using standard household tools.

The Titan Swivel armed chair further enhances a person’s ability to sit at the table, as the seat of this chair rotates separately from the base of the chair. With the seat rotated 90° from the table, a person using a walker can come along side the chair, hold onto the arms of the chair to gain stability, and gently lower themselves onto the chair. Once seated, the seat can be rotated back into alignment with the table, at which time a caregiver can move them forward to the table.  The chair arrives fully assembled and ready for use!