4 factors that have changed elder care today

In today’s world, our population is aging and more people want to age in their own homes. Here are 4 reasons that create unique challenges for aging adults:

1. 10,000 new older adults every day

Demographically, seniors will be the largest segment in today’s society as upwards of 10,000 people/day turn 65.

2. Most older adults want to age at home

A recent AARP survey indicates over 90% of seniors desire to age in their own homes, thus furniture accommodating people with limited mobility or physical capability is no longer just an acute care issue: it has a direct impact on home accommodations.

3. Caregivers lack strength to give care

More of today’s seniors are full-sized, yet family members providing care are not. In fact, obesity is more prevalent among those 60 years old and over than in any other age group. Even the most routine task associated with giving care is virtually impossible, as family members lack the strength required to provide assistance.

4. Caregivers need resources to reduce injury

When outside agencies are contracted to provide care in the home, agencies demand that resources be available in the home to reduce caregiver injury.

These 4 factors create a unique situation where conventional solutions aren’t meeting the needs of older adults to maintain independence and dignity. ComforTek provides innovative products designed to mitigate injury risk among caregivers and to maintain dignity and independence among older adults.

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