Chair comfort at a conference, should you think about it?

Many people have gone to a conference or a large event and sat through a presentation for a few hours. It is easy to see that chairs designed for banquets are not the best when used for this. Attendant are squirming and adjusting the longer they are on the chair. The longer the presentation, the more the attendants are noticing how uncomfortable they actually are and their attention is taken away from the speaker.

Seat size doesn’t make much difference, does it?

Width and depth for the seat make a big difference.  Chair comfort levels are affected by something as simple as the width of a seat or even the type of back that a chair has. We have a couple of different lines for chairs that are used in conference centers. Our 88 series banquet chairs are generally what people think about. They are narrower, easily stacked, and you can fit more seats in an area. Unlike the Vista Plus line, these chairs also have thinner seat foam as well. Banquet chairs are made with the thought of fitting people closer together in a smaller space. 18″ seat width is standard for many banquet chairs and until you sit with someone right next to you, that may not seem that close together.

How are our chairs different?

We have the Vista Plus chair. We took some of our best selling pew style chairs and modified them for commercial use. These can come in widths up to 22″ and offer a three inch dual density foam seat and a cutaway comfort back. Additionally, cold cured foam can be an upgrade. This makes it so that the foam lasts longer and is also liquid resistant due to the manufacturing process. Without the risk of the foam sagging prematurely, your chair comfort level will last longer than regular foam.

We posted about some of the benefits of cold cured foam over other types of foam that is typically found in chairs. Take a look if you are wanting more information on the benefits.