2 daily challenges that caregivers struggle with

Daily challenges experienced by all family members in charge of providing care are:

  1. How does a seated person move to and from the table?
  2. How does a person using a walker or rollator sit at a table? With at least a measure of grace and dignity?

Unfortunately, the response most commonly expressed to both of these challenges remains: with great difficulty!

Not everyone can get to the table. What most of us take for granted is a major obstacle for others. For some, age has diminished their ability to scoot a chair forward; for others, an illness has deprived them of the coordination to perform this task. What’s needed is not more effort on behalf of a family member or caregiver but the use of technology that enables this to occur.

The obvious solution is the wheelchair. It moves, it rolls, it locks, it’s used by people of all sizes, and, as it’s mass produced, it’s not all that expensive.

The problem is that most people resist the use of the wheelchair, as its use simply confirms that the user is another step closer to their final day.

Anything that gets them away from the wheelchair provides patients with a sense of well-being and self-worth!

ComforTek products are designed to empower people in intermediate stages, who don’t quite need a wheelchair yet. No matter your level of independence, we have an innovative product for you.