Use Royal EZ to help make your assisted living facility green

You probably are already aware of how the Royal EZ simplifies some of the work caregivers provide or how it is so easy even a child can use it. Did you know, however, that it can help save the environment, too?

While the Royal EZ has a strong application within home care environments, its value in terms of environmental sustainability becomes most evident in commercial applications.

Currently, in efforts to guide persons to the table, caregivers might push, shove, or twist chairs forwards, backwards, and sideways, particularly if a person is heavier than the caregiver’s strength. While these efforts can help get the person to the table, they also reduce the lifespan of the chair frame and the flooring, as neither are being used in the manner for which they were designed.

While administrators of assisted living facilities, are frequently reordering replacements for damaged conventional chairs in as little as 2–4 years from date of purchase, chairs fitted with the Royal EZ have a life expectancy of 6–10 years. Longer lasting chairs and flooring means fewer chairs and less flooring in the landfills. It also means, fewer raw resources are needed to produce chairs and flooring.

Contact us today to discuss how the Titan Royal EZ—or any of our innovative assisted living products—can help your assisted living facility become greener.