Titan answers 3 real daily care questions

Our Titan products are designed to make caregiving easier. Here are 3 issues caregivers face each day and how the Titan products solve those issues.

How does a caregiver easily move a seated person to-and-from the table?

titan-answers-video-preview-column-1The Titan with Royal EZ enables a caregiver to gently move a seated person to and away from the table. It can easily move 300 lbs with little effort. In fact, it’s so easy, a child can do it!

How does a caregiver assist a person requiring the use of a walker get seated at a table?

titan-answers-video-preview-column-2Because the seat/back of the Titan chair swivels 90° to the left and right, it’s ideal for those who use a walker. With the Royal EZ included, a seated person can be moved to the table with ease.

How do spouses enjoy a meal together when one of them requires the use of wheelchair?

titan-answers-video-preview-column-3The Titan Series of tables is designed for multiple applications where different tables heights are needed, specifically for individuals in wheelchairs. They will be able to enjoy a meal without any inconvenience to others.