How does a caregiver help a person with a walker sit at a table?

Caregivers appreciate the ease with which the Titan Swivel enables them to seat a walker user and move them to and from the table.

If a walker user doesn’t have enough strength to move themselves to a table using a conventional chair, the Titan Swivel is the answer. The Titan Swivel seat rotates 90º, allowing the user to turn it to face them, sit down, then return it to its original position facing the table.

Watch it in action:

How does the Titan Swivel work?

The Titan Swivel comes with the Royal EZ, a lever device attached to the bottom of the chair. A caregiver steps on the rear pedal, raising the front legs of the chair off the floor, allowing them to easily move the seated person to the table.

To exit the table, the caregiver steps down on the lever, raises the front legs of the chair off the floor again, and gently pulls the chair back from the table. The seated person then swivels the seat and exits the chair easily.

What sets the Titan Swivel apart from other chairs?

Here are 12 specific reasons why our Titan Swivel model is a superior form of seating, promoting aging in place:

  1. With the Royal EZ, a seated person can be moved to the table with ease.
  2. The seat/back of the Titan chair swivels 90° left and 90° right (hence its name).
  3. The seat locks (centre, 90 ° left, 90 ° right), allowing users to hold onto the arms of the chair as they transfer into the seat, perfect for walker or rollator users.
  4. StaFast “T-nuts” attach the seat and back to the frame, providing superior holding power.
  5. Superior plywood is used on all chairs, offering extra support with a 5/8″ thick seat and a 1/2″ back.
  6. The cold cured foam seat cushion prevents water and other liquids from penetrating the cushion.
  7. Poly open arms caps allow for easy grip, and a large wipe-out design allows for easy maintenance and clean up.
  8. Each back has 1.5″ of foam and lumbar support for long-term comfort.
  9. Our waterfall seat cushion gives comfort for long periods.
  10. We stocks some of today’s top designer colours, patterns, and finishes.
  11. Our warranty is unmatched in the industry: lifetime frame warranty, 15-years CCF foam warranty, 5-year standard foam warranty, and 5-year fabric warranty.
  12. All Titan and Titan Plus+ Series of chairs are proudly made in USA.

While caregivers appreciate the injury savings that this provides, by far the greatest benefit is to the user through an increased sense of dignity and self-worth. Never has one chair empowered mobility challenged users with more independence.