Assisted living furniture that is elegant, durable, and mobile

For too long, we’ve taken for granted the role caregivers play daily.

In designing the Titan chair, we looked at caregiver needs and placed a higher value on the chair’s function instead of just its form. Anyone can design yet another pretty chair! The real question, however, is how will any chair improve how a caregiver cares for a person with mobility limitations?

Frontline caregivers face the daunting challenge of continually providing high care levels to mobility challenged patients, who may also weigh more than themselves. The caregiver must provide the best possible care within the limits of their own strength and wellbeing. When they exceed those limits, they risk receiving work-related injuries, leaving residents in the care of unfamiliar staff or, worse, no care at all.

The Titan chair’s unique design embodies aspects of elegance, durability, and mobility!


The Titan chairs’ luxuriously upholstered seat and back enhance the look and feel of today’s care homes. Molded cold cured cushions feature a waterproof membrane, preventing spills and other unwanted liquids from penetrating the cushion. Lumbar support is standard for all Titan chairs.


Titan chairs are rated in excess of 600 lbs.  All Titan chairs feature a 25-year frame warranty, a 10-year foam warranty,  and a 5-year fabric warranty, eliminating the need to replace chair prematurely. Titan chairs are manufactured in the USA.


The Titan chair offers 3 mobility options.

  1. The Royal-EZ enables a caregiver to easily guide a seated person up to a table.
  2. The Swivel enables a person using a walker to sit easily, as the seat of the chair fully turn in their direction.
  3. The Bariatric model provides caregivers with a full-mobility option suitable for fuller-sized guests (500 lbs.)

Our Titan chairs significantly reduce injuries typically associated with caregivers providing increased care. Facility administrators can secure a single sourced product for all their seating requirements, as Titan chairs adapt suitable for use in dining halls, activity rooms, and common areas. Patients, too, experience an increases sense of self worth and dignity because they no longer feel they’re a burden to those who care for them.