6 reasons the Royal EZ won the Innovative HME Retail Product Award

In 2013, ComforTek’s Royal EZ won Medtrade’s Innovative HME Retail Product Award. ComforTek President Randy Schellenberg, in speaking of the RoyalEZ, said:

“It addresses a very real issue—how to accommodate mobility challenged people—while providing respect and dignity. Medtrade attendees will like the ease of application and price point.”

What is the Royal EZ?

The Royal EZ system includes casters mounted onto a suspended leverage bar. The leverage bar is fastened to the front legs of the chair. Casters are also fastened to the rear legs of the chair (friction fit).

By depressing the foot pedal, the suspended casters come in contact with the floor, thereby lifting the front legs of the chair ever so slightly from the floor. With the foot pedal depressed by the caregiver, the chair can now be moved forwards and backwards. When the foot pedal is released, the front legs of the chair are lowered, the casters are suspended, and the chair is once again firmly positioned on the floor.

Here are 6 reasons you should use the Royal EZ:

1. It’s gentle.

The Royal EZ enables a caregiver to gently move a seated person to and from the table. No more pushing, twisting, or shoving.

2. It’s easy to operate.

The Royal EZ can easily move 300 lbs with little effort. So easy, a child can do it!

3. It preserves respect and dignity.

Since the Royal EZ is very discreet, there’s no need for extra attention on guest at meal time.

4. It reduces injuries.

The Royal EZ reduces the risk of injury to staff or caregivers since little effort is required to move a seated person.

5. It saves your floors.

Since chairs aren’t being dragged, floor and carpet damage is eliminated.

6. It’s safe.

Many measures were taken during construction and assembly of the Royal EZ to ensure maximum structural safety. In addition, the rear wheels are adjusted for tension to prevent the chair from moving while not in use.

The Royal EZ is designed for assisted living as well as for residential applications. It is rated for 250 lbs. and is readily fitted to virtually any wood or metal dining chair. Contact us today to see how we can get Royal EZ working for you.