6 questions to ask when buying chairs for your church

There are many factors to consider when purchasing chairs for your church. ComforTek Seating prides itself in providing the best possible church chairs for a competitive price.

We urge all our customers to shop around and ask all the tough questions. Here are 6:


1. Where was your foam thickness measured?

Over 4 inches of foam isn’t always 4 inches of foam. We measure only the part of foam you sit on. Others may not.


2. What’s holding your chair together?

ComforTek uses only StaFast Ultimate T-nuts, which gives a metal-to-metal connection for superior holding power, not wood screws.


3. Who’s standing behind your chairs?

All Summit Series of church chairs come with a lifetime warranty on the frame, 10 years on the foam, and 10 years on the fabric.


4. What’s the comfort level after 20 minutes?

All Summit Series of Church Chairs give you 1½″ of foam and lumbar support on the back, for sustained comfort.


5. Is out of sight really out of mind?

Plywood vs. MDF. All Summit Series of church chairs use plywood instead of MDF.


6. What’s my total investment?

All our chairs are fully assembled. Others will give you a great price, but you supply the labour to assemble.