How wheelchair users can eliminate mealtime frustration

Mealtime can be one of the frustrating aspects of using a wheelchair.

Tables heights don’t line up with wheelchair heights. If the table is too high, arm positions to use the table can make eating awkward. If the table is too low, the wheelchair bumps into the table, preventing the user from getting close enough to eat comfortably.

Titan Tables eliminates these problems.

Our wheelchair accessible Titan tables are unlike any conventional institutional table. Our design allows more wheelchair users to enjoy a meal without any inconvenience to others. All table tops are fully adjustable to a maximum height of 10″, which is perfect for accommodating varying wheelchair heights. Plus, one top at each table can slide outward to a max of 6″, bringing it even closer to the wheelchair user.

And adjusting is a cinch. Because we use large screw knobs for each section, loosening and tightening isn’t a complicating and frustrating ordeal.

Contact us today to see which of our 5 Titan tables can best meet your needs.