Choose from hundreds of fabrics to customize your Titan chair

All Titan chairs include a luxuriously upholstered seat and back, enhancing the look and feel of today’s assisted living facilities.

Unique to the Titan chair is its ability to provide assisted living caregivers with mobility options. You might already know that the Titan series include 5 chairs for every stage of elder care, making it perfect for your assisted living needs, You might also know about the 12 reasons why the Titan superior to other assisted living furniture.

But did you know that our chairs also come in hundreds of fabric types and patterns, so you can best match your facility’s needs and decor?

Assisted living facilities today require fabrics with performance coatings such as Crypton®. We integrate these performance additives into our products and our vinyl materials are anti-microbial.

Check out our dedicated fabric site, where you can search by colour, pattern type, and mill type. Find one you like best, then contact us to see how we can incorporate it into the chairs we deliver to your facility.