Assisted living isn’t just for older adults

The dynamics associated with mobility, aging, and caregiving are complex and involved. With upwards of 10,000 North Americans a day turning 65 years, the reality of a loved one losing independence will impact each family member, either as one needing care or as one providing care.

Persons with accessibility challenges are no longer only seniors. Persons with multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or dementia or persons fitted with prosthetics also lack the strength or coordination required to move to a table on their own. In assisting them, caregivers risk serious back and leg injury when pushing or shoving them to a table or desk.

ComforTek recognizes that each family’s situation is unique and that our innovative products may not be the solution to every situation. We are convinced, however, that the greatest appreciation for our products will be evident in the lives of cherished loved ones as they experience an increased sense of independence, dignity, and self-worth!