5 ways VistaPlus+ chairs offer superior comfort from top to bottom

The Vista line of banquet chairs breathes prima moderno. Aesthetically pleasing, they’re crafted with elegance to provide a luxurious setting for your guests. With our VistaPlus+ Series, we take that elegance and luxuriousness to a new level.

Here are 5 ways we incorporate great comfort into every chair:

  1. The VistaPlus+ seat width is available up to a full 22″.
  2. Each VistaPlus+ seat features a generous 3″ foam cushion for added comfort—82% more foam than conventional hospitality chairs.
  3. The back of each VistaPlus+ chair includes built-in lumbar support, helping your guests sit for long periods.
  4. Air Foam Technology is available as an upgrade. This cold-cured foam is the same foam used in automobile seats.
  5. Air Foam Technology is encased in a thin membrane that repels liquids—such as water, juice, or coffee—and helps the seat last for 15 years.

So give your guests what they deserve: a beautiful seat and an enjoyable experience.