5 reasons to see the Titan Swivel as furniture, not just a medical device

You may not have noticed this—or if you’re in the market, maybe you have—but if you walk into a retail furniture store, something you won’t see much of is furniture designed to accommodate people with mobility issues.

Some people may even view such furniture not as furniture per se but as medical devices. However, here are 5 reasons why we need to start looking at mobility furniture—like the Titan Swivel—as much furniture as your conventional couch, table, or armchair.

  1. Demographically, seniors are the largest buying segment in today’s marketplace, with upwards of 10,000 people reaching the age of 65 years every day!
  2. A recent AARP survey indicates that over 90% of seniors desire to age in their own homes. Furniture designed to accommodate people with reduced mobility is no longer just an acute care  issue: it has a direct impact on home furnishings.
  3. The number of “full-sized” persons places additional strain on family caregivers. Even the most routine task associated with providing care is virtually impossible when family members lack the physical strength.
  4. Family members supporting persons with limited mobility frequently contract outside home care agencies. These agencies typically provide a listing of attachments and furniture that needs to be available in the home before they will provide their services.  This is their way of ensuring that caregivers providing home care services will not sustain workplace related injuries.
  5. Lift chairs have successfully transitioned into the furniture retail space. One is hard pressed today to find a furniture store that does not have 3–5 lift chairs on display at all times. Lift chairs provide mobility-challenged persons with a means of moving around their home without the constant need of assistance from a family member or caregiver. However, the lift chair is a solution for the family room only. The same person who needs a lift chair also needs furniture designed to assist them at the kitchen or dining table. How does a person using a walker get seated at the table? With great difficulty!

The Titan Swivel chair is the ideal complement to the lift chair. When placed in the same retail space, customers testing out the functions of the lift chair are also ready to test out the functions of the Swivel chair.

Contact us today to see which mobility challenges the Titan Swivel can address with your loved one who is trying to age in place.